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“We originated the approach called BioSynchronistics® in which gentle hands-on pressure is applied knowledgeably in a scientifically coordinated way to bring your body into balance. “

Carol Tschirpke – Co-Founder

We approach every patient as if they were part of our own family.

Quality Physical Therapy, Inc. SM /BioSynchronistics®, a private group of clinics, was established in 1987. Co-owners Cheryl Wilbur and Carol Tschirpke were Registered Physical Therapists who constantly broaden and deepen their knowledge of physical therapy and manual therapy techniques through participation in medical courses and seminars.

Both therapists found a notable lack of integrated whole-body application in even the most sophisticated training. Focusing on the whole body, Cheryl Wilbur and the late Carol Tschirpke developed a manual therapy approach named BioSynchronistics®.

What is BioSynchronistics®

BioSynchronistics® draws on traditional physical therapy techniques and is enhanced with a holistic approach based on both the force of gravity and the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. BioSynchronistics® combines manual therapy approaches that sequentially balance all of a body’s systems.

Addressing Common Aches and Pains

BioSynchronistics is a form of manual physical therapy that integrates various techniques to address common musculoskeletal conditions experienced by both athletes and non-athletes alike. It recognizes the impact of modern life on the body, such as prolonged sitting, repetitive motions, and even emotional stress, which can contribute to misalignment and altered biomechanics.

This misalignment can shift your center of gravity from its optimal position, leading to unwanted sensations like tightness, strain, pain, and limitations in daily activities. BioSynchronistics aims to restore your body’s natural balance and alleviate these discomforts, promoting overall well-being and improved function.

More than massage therapy

Actually, these are only symptoms resulting when your body compensates for its malalignment. Your body is working to keep you upright and functioning. Your muscles tighten, sometimes even spasm, to help you deal with your malalignment. Merely removing this tightness will only bring temporary relief from your symptoms.

But BioSynchronistics-trained therapists view your body as a whole and fully consider your lifestyle and the working arrangements in your body. BioSynchronistics approach systematically corrects your underlying malalignment and restores biomechanical equilibrium within your body. Now, your body can let go of its difficult and even painful compensations, providing you with lasting relief. You feel better because you are better.


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